We help businesses explore and execute a market entry strategy 

into this intriguing and burgeoning country.

Cuba market entry experts

Strategically located only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba represents a new and largely unexplored opportunity for businesses.

It’s proximity to numerous ports in the Americas, a highly-educated and industrious workforce, and new business friendly regulations, Cuba is emerging as the next frontier in foreign direct investment and business. 


Areas of focus

Tourism & Hospitality

Hotel management, hotel venture capital, tour operations, cruise operators, facilities and suppliers.


Agricultural production cooperative, sugar, tobacco, honey, coffee, cocoa, citrus, sorbitol, and alcohol.

Private Small Business

Software development, construction, transportation, manufacturing, restaurant, and  more.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Joint venture and partnership regarding production, packaging, and research. 

Food Production

Dry goods, dairy, processed meat, condiments, grains, spices, and pork and poultry processing.  

IT, Telco & Connectivity

Broadband, last mile connectivity, networks, hardware, software, business consulting, and facilities.


Cement and concrete, marble quarry, light clay, lime, metal, ceramics and PVC


Light industry, medical equipment, construction goods, packaging, medical consumables, tools and household goods

Ports & Rail

New passenger rail, warehouse and port logistics management and operations.

Transportation & Logistics

Warehousing, distribution, shipping, labeling, bottling, packaging and palletizing. 

Renewable Energy

Biomass, wind power, solar power, hydro-energy, and biogas.

Consumer Electronics

Wholesale and retail sale of consumer electronics including mobile phones and other digital devices.


Vietnam's ViMariel Paves Path for FDI in Cuba

ViMariel is the sole non-state concessionaire in the special economic development zone known as ZED Mariel in Mariel, Cuba.  With the rights to 256 hectares and authorization to build an industrial park with full infrastructure ViMariel is looking to lure investment across industries. 

Meeting with Cuban Ambassador

Honored to be meeting with Cuban Ambassador to the U.S.- Lianys Torres Rivera, former Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia- Carlos Alfredo Amores Balbín, and CEO of LundaTec- Robert Parry-Jones, to discuss medical cooperation and science-diplomacy.

Cuban Ambassador Lianys Torres Rivera, Tom Popper, Carlos Amores, and Robert Parry-Jones
flying, plane, landing-5284149.jpg

U.S. Airlines Resume Flights to Cuba

Cuba announced that 400 weekly flights are expected to arrive at the country’s airports by Nov 15, in conjunction with the island’s reopening to tourism on the same date.

Hotels Plan for Reopening in Cuba

The Iberostar Group announces its fall/winter reopening of its hotels in Cuba in a signal that a tourism restart in Cuba is coming.

Chief Executive Officer/Principal Advisor

Tom Popper

For 20 years, Tom has been a leading expert in U.S.-Cuba policy, Cuban government relations, U.S. Treasury regulations, and doing business in Cuba.  

karla_gattorno_headshot 330x280
Senior Advisor

Karla Gattorno

An impassioned and forward thinking native Habanera, Karla has dedicated her life and career to unlocking and expanding business potential in Cuba.



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